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Creating a Plant Subscription Service

Claire Ransom is the Founder of Lazy Flora, a plant subscription box company.

She’s an advocate of living a beautiful life and cannot believe how happy she has become since leaving the corporate world and starting her own business (even if it is a rollercoaster and one of the hardest things she’s ever had to do). She’s a graduate of Escape the City’s Startup Accelerator, who enjoys nothing more than hanging out with fellow entrepreneurs – even better if that time is spent in nature and with her Beagle Cocoa. Since the pandemic started, Lazy Flora has gone through tremendous growth, and many changes. Claire has so much wisdom to share, and a ton of knowledge about starting and running a subscription based business (and shares all her favorite tools for doing so)!

In this episode, you will hear:
-How Claire started the business when she couldn’t find one herself
-The behind the scenes of how she is running her business with her various support teams
-How Covid creating tremendous demand and how she pivoted the business to meet it

Her best advice:

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