More of us than ever before have been working from home or a makeshift office in the past few years, and for most of us it was only ever intended to be a temporary thing we were thrust into with basically no notice. We had to make do with a corner of a living room, a kitchen counter, or a small at-home office that had never meant to house all the supplies we once had in our ‘real’ workspace. But for many, working from home has extended far beyond the timeframe we expected, and may even end up being a part of our lives forever.

We connected with Nikki Klugh, of Nikki Klugh Design Group (NKDG), an interior designer who utilizes psychology-backed principles to design working and living spaces, to share how entrepreneurs can create what she calls a Money Space: a thoughtfully staged in-home experience designed to boost greater productivity, greater success, and greater wealth.

Nikki describes Money Spaces as an area in your home that instantly activates you and puts you in the right frame of mind to be productive, efficient, and thus, profitable. “Your Money Space is your home office set up in a way that it serves you. It’s organized, it’s neat, it’s inspiring, and it’s designed to your senses.” It sounds like what we all need when it comes to a workspace where we can be our best and build our businesses to be as successful as possible in an inspired way. We asked her to share how we can get started creating a Money Space in our own homes.

Read on to find Nikki’s top tips for creating your own Money Space:

1. Place your desk to be in the Power Position.

Stand at the entrance to your Money Space. Now allow your eyes to travel to the furthest corner of the room. This is ideally your power position and where your desk should be located.

2. Regarding remote work and Zoom meetings the background of our Money Spaces is important.

We want to let people know that they can trust us, that they can be confident in our leadership, that we are working in a space that is proper, organized, and efficient.

3. To keep you motivated, identify WHY you are doing what you’re doing.

What are your goals? Keep images representing your big WHY in your line of sight.

4. When it comes to colors in your Money Space, what energy do you want?

Color is an art and a science. Warm colors are energetic, with a short and choppy wavelength that brings a lot of energy. Cool colors have a long, shallow, and soothing wavelength so they can make us feel more calm and grounded.

NIKKI NJERI KLUGH is a highly sought-after interior designer who is beloved by her hundreds of clients nationwide. As the principal designer and owner of NIKKI KLUGH DESIGN GROUP, INC, Nikki is also an award-winning interior designer and three time best-selling author. Additionally, she is a media powerhouse whose interior design expertise and magnetic personality has led her to appear on BET, BET Her, NBC, San Diego Lifestyles, and The American Dream Show. Her incredible work has been featured in publications such as San Diego Home and Garden magazine, FINE Magazine, Discover San Diego, Coastal Homes, Black Southern Belle, and many others. Find Nikki at

Photo credit: Jeff Wolfram

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