Crafting Proposals that Land 5 Figure Contracts

On this week’s episode I got to chat with Tiffany A. Washington, the founder and CEO of Transformation 7. Tiffany is a televised businesses and education expert who helps individuals and entities amplify their brand and accelerate their goals by mastering their credibility and visibility. She has used her background as a school principal and educator to tap into those skills to create courses, products, and workshops that help budding entrepreneurs secure 5-figure deals.

In this episode you will learn:

-How she helps entrepreneurs find their secret sauce and turn that into a consulting business
-How to strategically ask for what you want
-Steps to building a high ticket clientele
-Her 4 tier process for clients
-Keys to a successful proposal
-Follow up best practices

Connect with Tiffany:

Web: tiffanyawashington.com
Instagram: @transformation7
LinkedIn: Tiffany A. Washington
Get her book: Women Winning at Work by Tiffany A. Washington
Facebook: Transformation 7 by Tiffany A. Washington
YouTube: Transformation 7 by Tiffany A. Washington

Listen to the Episode:

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