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Clarifying Your Audience and Messaging

Courtney Fanning is a brand strategist, copywriter and founder of Big Picture Branding.

After going through our own rebranding last year, this was such a powerful conversation where we talk through where to start with figuring out who your audience is to how to create messaging that speaks directly to them. This process can be difficult but it is so important as it truly is the foundation of your business.

If you are just starting out and need some tips or are an established business that is considering rebranding, this episode will provide you with valuable information to make sure you are building a business that speaks to your ideal audience.

In this episode, you will hear:
-How and why she started her business
-Where to start when trying to figure out your audience and messaging
-When to DIY and when to hire a brand strategist
-What she wishes she had known when starting out and her advice to entrepreneurs

Her best advice:

“Feel free to go at your own pace and just keep it good and steady.”

Find Courtney:

Website –
Instagram – @bigpicturebranding
Pinterest –

Other resources mentioned in this episode:

Free Brand Personality Workbook
Audience and Brand Messaging Builder

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