Christina Orso on Starting a Digital Marketing Business

Have you ever wondered if the work you are doing at your 9-5 could translate into your own business?

Today’s guest, Christina Orso, was able to do it and she shares all of her experience of how she became an entrepreneur and started her own digital marketing company.

While working her 9-5, Christina began blogging and quickly became an award-winning blogger and influencer. She used this experience and learned how to apply it to marketing a business. Before long her boss and mentor encouraged her to go out on her own.. She shares her hesitation and worries about starting her own business as well as the steps she took to overcome them. Christina now has a thriving and growing business after only a year and a half!

In this episode, you will hear:
-How Christina took her experience as an influencer and really learned to apply it to a business
-Her take on social media and why being real and authentic helper her connect with people and build her business
-What the beginning stages of her business looked like and the advice she has for other entrepreneurs

Thanks so much for listening!

Find Christina:

Connect with Christina on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @christinaorso
Read her upcoming articles in https://diningplaybook.com/

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