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Changing the Fitness Industry One Bounce at a Time with Aly Giampolo and Colette Dong

In this week’s episode I got to sit down with Aly Giampolo and Colette Dong, female-founder duo of the ness —

the celeb-approved wellness method that’s redefining movement for all. The ness workout method is anything but ordinary, offering bounce, a beat based trampoline class that will challenge you both mentally and physically and sculpt, the perfect complement to bounce that will leave you strong, balanced and focused. Listen in to find out more about the passion & purpose behind the ness method.

After dedicating the first 20+ years of their lives studying and practicing movement, the ness founders met as professional dancers in NYC. While training, both were warned that running and other high impact workouts would be detrimental to their professional dance careers. In search of a high intensity, low impact option, they discovered the trampoline as a satisfyingly sweaty form of cross-training.

Experiencing what a positive impact the unique piece of equipment had on their personal bodies and minds, they were inspired to concentrate on a method and share the lasting benefits of rebounding with their community. Listen in to learn more about how Aly & Colette turned their passion into a successful wellness brand that has seen rapid growth from the start.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why celebs are loving the ness method and what sets it apart
  • Ways the ness is redefining fitness to be inclusive, empowering and enjoyable
  • Keys to a successful business partnership with a friend

Connect with Aly & Colette:


Instagram: @thenessnyc, @alygiampolo, @colettedong

TikTok: lets_ness

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