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Coaching Corner: Tracey Faraday Health Coaching

My Food Freedom Made Easy is a 12-week nutrition group coaching program which helps women to ditch their food guilt and stress by bringing the power of Gentle Nutrition into their everyday meals so they can break free of the hold their pantry has over them at 8pm.

I also offer individual nutrition coaching sessions, great for someone who is wanting to get their feet wet in intuitive eating and gentle nutrition and wants to walk away with a personalized plan to jumpstart them into a wellness routine that works for them.

Why did you get into coaching?

I was FED UP with every diet plan that I had tried taking away my favorite foods. Every time I fell off the wagon, I would return to my normal way of eating and was consumed with stress & guilt after pizza night or apps & cocktails with my friends. Finally I was able to break away from the toxicity of Diet Culture! I embraced Food Freedom and implemented Gentle Nutrition to find energy and satisfaction from eating my favorite things without sacrificing on my health goals.

What’s your favorite part about what you do?

It lights up my soul to hear a client see their hard work pay off IRL. When they go to dinner and tell me they didn’t stress about ordering pasta. Or about how their daughter’s leftover birthday cake went stale because they weren’t compelled to eat it! Watching that shame and guilt disappear as they could focus on making memories instead of what was on their plates makes me so proud of all their hard work.

What’s the best transformation you’ve seen lately in a client?

When Kate and I started working together, she refused to bring home bread because she would eat the whole loaf in two days. After working together, she found a freezer burned ice cream in the back of her fridge and stale cookies in her pantry. Best of all she wasn’t sacrificing her energy or wellness to these “junk foods.” She was able to enjoy them in moderation and keep consistent with her nutrition that made her energized and feel the best she had in YEARS!

If you could share a word of wisdom with another woman in business, what would it be?

Motivation comes and goes but consistency even in the smallest of efforts will snowball into amazing progress over time! It’s not glamorous but the magic of success is in the small moments and regular routine. Not what you do perfectly, but what you do often.

What’s your favorite way to start the day?

I’m a breakfast person and I love my coffee (with hazelnut creamer) and if the baby sleeps in I sneak in some movement. Then you can find me hanging with my baby and dog, probably jamming out to Disney music.

Tell us, is stress-snacking really that bad?

Emotionally eating, especially stress eating is tough! What I tell my clients is that I don’t have a problem if you need some chocolate when you’re stressed, but if the only way you cope with stress is by eating chocolate that’s a problem. Eating can be one of your coping strategies but it can’t be your ONLY way to de-stress. You have to have some other coping strategies in your tool box to break out and I love helping my clients find what those are for them.

Leave us with one other piece of advice.

Most people think that they can improve their relationship with food after they reach their goal weight. I think it should be the opposite. Diets and calorie counting forces you to eat in a way that’s different from how you normally eat. So when you reach your goal weight or more likely fall off your diet, you’re still drawn to the same foods. Your kid snacks are still in your pantry and you don’t know how to eat them without overdoing it. If you bring in Food Freedom and Gentle Nutrition you learn how to have those foods around and feel in control over them. That is the magic of Food Freedom!

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