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Celebrating Your Work Milestones

There is so much to celebrate in life and these days, we could all use a celebration. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and more joyous occasions are very normal to celebrate, and there are often entire holidays around them as well. However, when is the last time you really went all out in celebrating a work milestone or reaching a professional goal? Here are a few reasons why you should.

Employee Motivation

If you are running a business or you are an employee yourself, it is no secret that as humans, we thrive on recognition and appreciation. If your employees are doing a good job, tell them! Let them know sincerely that you appreciate what assets they bring to your business and how they are helping it thrive. This will only motivate them to continue doing a good job, and increase the likelihood that they will want to continue impressing you.

Normalizing Professional Women

Women having a healthy career life is, thankfully, very normal in this day and age. However, while it is very common to see a woman celebrating her engagement, wedding, pregnancy and things along those lines– which, don’t get me wrong, should certainly be celebrated– it is less common to see women celebrating work anniversaries or reaching an important professional goal they’ve been working towards.

It is important to celebrate these professional milestones because for most working women, work is half– if not more– of what their lives are dedicated to. Women have had to work especially hard to get to where they are in their field, so it is certainly cause for celebration! It is also essential for younger generations of women to see these celebrations so they can look forward to finding their place in the professional world with whatever career they want. Celebrating work milestones can inspire young girls to see that they can be whoever they want to be, and show them that they belong in the professional world if they choose to enter it.

Achieving More Goals

If you have a big goal that your company is working towards, or if you just want to make your own goals more achievable, celebrating milestones can help. If you celebrate steps of the process to achieving the larger goal, it can seem less impossible. Take each smaller step as cause for a mini-celebration, motivating you and your team to keep going. Celebrating the smaller milestones will also make reaching the larger goal even more exciting.

There’s no harm in celebrating life and having a little fun– after all, you know what they say about all work and no play. You’ve worked hard and earned it, so you deserve to celebrate!

Gracie Watt is a member of the Quotable Magazine editorial team. She is a senior at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX studying Journalism. Gracie is also a contributing writer at Texas Lifestyle Magazine and Photo Editor at her university’s publication, Hilltop Views. When she is not writing, she enjoys playing guitar, singing, yoga, volunteer work and working at her campus coffee shop, Jos.

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