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Building Your Empire By Living a Delicious Life & Following Your Pleasure with Katya Libin


Discover how to create more happiness, fulfillment, connection, and wholeness in your life to channel more abundance for both your business and for your personal life. My guest Katya Libin takes us on her entrepreneurial journey along with her spiritual journey, teaching us how they intertwine. Katya Libin, a visionary entrepreneur and influential advocate for women’s empowerment, co-founded HeyMama, a platform supporting mothers in their professional endeavors, before founding her current business KL&Co. With over a decade of experience in championing women’s leadership, she extends her impact as an investor and advisor to nine innovative startups. Katya is dedicated to building impactful communities and nurturing feminine leadership, inspiring and empowering women to lead joyful, fulfilling lives aligned with their truest desires. Listen in to hear how you can build your empire and create a more delicious and meaningful life by raising your frequency, cultivating pleasure, and manifesting your desires.

In this episode we will:
  • Unpack Katya’s entrepreneurial journey and her passion for community building 
  • Discuss using authenticity, connection, love, and magnetism for career success
  • Dive into spirituality, channeling feminine energy, law of attraction, and shadow work
  • Focus on “what feels good” and flows for higher frequencies and success in business
  • Cultivate self-awareness for personal growth and fulfillment.
  • Create a life filled with delicious experiences and meaningful moments.
The resources mentioned in this episode are: 
  • Join the Visibility Bootcamp Membership for six months for $388 per month. This program provides accountability, live calls, and guidance on executing your visibility plan. Limited spots! Sign-up here.
  • Connect with Katya on instagram at @katyaslife.
  • Connect with Katya to join her Radiant Leadership program for founders, women executives, and businesswomen looking to tap into their essence and achieve tangible results in their businesses. Learn more about Katya, and attend her workshops at Katyalibin.com
  • Explore the Conscious Leader Mastermind and events hosted by Katya to gain valuable insights and connect with like-minded individuals in the business community.

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The key moments in this episode are:

00:00:00 – Introduction to Quotable Podcast

00:01:55 – PR Visibility Boot Camp Membership Program

00:02:09 – Katya’s Entrepreneurial Journey

00:06:13 – Supporting Women in Business

00:11:59 – The Power of Love and Magnetism

00:13:09 – Connecting with Yourself and Others

00:16:24 – Personal Growth and Spiritual Awakening

00:20:07 – Connection to a Higher Power

00:22:08 – Creating from a Place of Pleasure and Joy

00:23:52 – Individualized Approach to Business and Life

00:27:01 – The Power of Following What Feels Good

00:28:02 – Practical Steps to Raise Your Frequency

00:31:06 – Living a Delicious Life

00:36:37 – Tangible Results of Raising Frequency

00:40:34 – The Power of Inner Work

00:41:26 – Creating Momentum

00:44:22 – Quantum Leaps and Manifestation

00:48:12 – Building a Conscious Brand

00:52:26 – Believing in Yourself


00:00:00 – Introduction to Quotable Podcast
Alessandra Palina introduces Quotable, a podcast for female entrepreneurs, and shares her own entrepreneurial journey. She emphasizes the importance of learning from other women in business and the power of conversation and community.

00:01:55 – PR Visibility Boot Camp Membership Program
Alessandra promotes the PR Visibility Boot Camp Membership Program, highlighting its features, such as online courses, accountability, and live calls, designed to help female entrepreneurs achieve visibility and build their brands.

00:02:09 – Katya’s Entrepreneurial Journey
Katya Libin discusses her entrepreneurial journey, starting with her experience working for her sister’s court reporting company and later co-founding hey mama, a community for moms navigating both family life and professional aspirations.

00:06:13 – Supporting Women in Business
Katya shares her mission of elevating women in business through coaching, professional development, and supporting innovative startup founders as an investor and advisor. She emphasizes the importance of connecting women for business and creating opportunities for everyone to succeed.

00:11:59 – The Power of Love and Magnetism
Katya reflects on the power of love in business and personal connections, emphasizing the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and showing up with an open heart. She explains how love and connection have been essential in building her community and attracting opportunities.

00:13:09 – Connecting with Yourself and Others
Katya emphasizes the importance of being fully present and authentic in every interaction, instead of being in your head or adjusting to others’ energies. She shares her personal journey of evolving and cultivating awareness.

00:16:24 – Personal Growth and Spiritual Awakening
Katya talks about her transformative journey, from being insecure and addicted to drugs in high school to finding inner peace and wholeness through years of meditation and spiritual awakening. She emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and shadow work.

00:20:07 – Connection to a Higher Power
Katya discusses the importance of being deeply connected to a higher power, regardless of religious affiliation, and the role of surrender in allowing miracles to happen. She emphasizes the need to rise to a higher frequency and be open to receive abundance.

00:22:08 – Creating from a Place of Pleasure and Joy
Katya highlights the significance of creating from a place of pleasure and joy, rather than stress or anxiety. She emphasizes the power of high-frequency energy in manifesting goals and the transformative impact of focusing on what is working well and bringing joy.

00:23:52 – Individualized Approach to Business and Life
Katya encourages a personalized approach to business and life, based on what feels good for each individual. She advocates for tapping into pleasure, embracing gratitude, and celebrating achievements as the foundation for innovation and success.

00:27:01 – The Power of Following What Feels Good
Katya emphasizes the importance of following what feels good and effortless, as it leads to a higher frequency that others can feel and are drawn to. She discusses the impact of energy and shares tips for raising one’s frequency, such as meditation, movement, sound healing, and gratitude.

00:28:02 – Practical Steps to Raise Your Frequency
Katya provides practical steps for raising one’s frequency, such as meditation, movement, sound healing, and being in a supportive community. She emphasizes the importance of working with one’s body and flow, and normalizing the process of tapping into a higher frequency on a regular basis.

00:31:06 – Living a Delicious Life
Katya emphasizes that raising one’s frequency is not just about creating an empire but about living a delicious life that one loves. She discusses the responsibility that comes with being at a higher frequency and how it can impact the energy of the spaces one enters.

00:36:37 – Tangible Results of Raising Frequency
Katya shares tangible results of raising her frequency, including manifesting a soul partner, experiencing deep pleasure, and achieving success in her business. She also highlights personal wins such as purchasing a dream home, impacting the lives of women through events and coaching, and witnessing her daughter’s growth and happiness.

00:40:34 – The Power of Inner Work
Katya discusses how inner work shapes our outer reality and the importance of finding a frequency that fuels you.

00:41:26 – Creating Momentum
By sustaining positive energy, you can create massive momentum and attract opportunities, collaborations, and connections.

00:44:22 – Quantum Leaps and Manifestation
Katya shares her experience of manifesting her dream home and emphasizes the power of making quantum leaps to change one’s reality.

00:48:12 – Building a Conscious Brand
Katya talks about the importance of conscious community building and how she has built her brand through events, partnerships, and conscious business principles.

00:52:26 – Believing in Yourself
Katya’s advice is to be your own biggest fan, believe in yourself unconditionally, and have complete certainty in achieving your goals.

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00:02:16 – Katya Libin
I’m so excited for this conversation. Alessandra, I’m a huge fan of yours, so thank you for having me on. Me too.
00:02:23 – Alessandra Pollina
I’m a huge fan of yours, and I feel like I know, this is something we’ve kind of talked about doing for a long time, and I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner, but I’m feeling like it’s really fitting to do it today. This is, like, my first. This isn’t going to probably come out.
00:02:34 – Katya Libin
For a little while now, but this.
00:02:35 – Alessandra Pollina
Is my first conversation, really, of, like, 2024. And I just feel like it’s really fitting to have it be with you. I want to let you start by kind of, like, telling us what you’re all about, how you got your shirt in business, and then up to today, like, however much of that story, wherever you feel it begins, I’d say where.
00:02:55 – Katya Libin
It began was in college. I really had this desire to be an entrepreneur and I knew that was going to be in my future. And I started off working for my sister’s court reporting company, and I actually did, like, door to door court reporting sales in law offices in New York City. And I just loved that experience for me because it taught me so much about the power of rejection and forming the grit and perseverance that I needed. Later on, when I was fundraising for hey, mama, my first entrepreneurial venture was hey, mama. Before that, I did help my sister with her fitness business as well. And then she notoriously kicked me out because I was too bossy. She’s like, you’re great, but you need to start your own business. Because I had different ideas and I just took that to be another sign that I really was ready to step in and find something that felt like my calling and a business that I could really imagine building. And hey, mama came to me through a really close friendship with Amory Kibler and us being new moms and just really struggling to find a community and a support system and an identity that resonated with us as we were navigating both having these new kids and also still wanting to create an impact in the world and still wanting to create businesses and careers that allowed us to sustain family life and our professional desires. And so Haymama really merged those two worlds and I think created this cool, hip identity for moms that didn’t exist before, or if it did, it felt like it wasn’t really pulled together. And so our mission was really to then building careers and families and now that business is going on ten years, so it’s pretty wild. 2024 is hey mama’s ten year anniversary, so I feel really proud of having, like, a ten year old business. And my second company started after I really burnt out and kind of had to hit my energetic rock bottom to be able to really come to terms with the pace of work, the pace of startup life, the energy I was bringing to that, and how I wanted to recreate the way that women run their businesses and how we could do this in a path that’s not only like sustainable, where we don’t burn out or sacrifice our families or what’s most important, but really create businesses that bring us pleasure and that bring us joy and alignment and that make us money and feel abundant, but not at the cost of the freedom that we probably started those businesses to achieve. So that’s what my business journey now has led me to be building this company, which I’ll put in the kind of coaching, professional development events and community space. And then I also have a portfolio of nine startups that I support as an investor and advisor. So I’m very tapped into innovative, visionary founders and how they’re building and really supporting them as an advisor and coach. And that’s my mission is really just to elevate women across the board and helping them tap into their divine feminine leadership, helping them build their empires and live magnetic, beautiful lives that they feel proud of every day. So just that? Yeah, just that.
00:06:14 – Alessandra Pollina
Did you say nine companies?
00:06:16 – Katya Libin
00:06:17 – Alessandra Pollina
I mean, I knew you had that side too, but I didn’t realize there were nine companies you’re involved with.
00:06:21 – Katya Libin
That is incredible. Richard Branson has like 400. They say that if you want something done, give it to a mom. But yeah, I get a lot of investment opportunities that hit my desk and I love helping connect founders and funders. So that’s always been something I’ve had a knack for. And I feel like the best way to support women is to put money in their pockets and to really bring them real opportunities. And that’s something I’m even doubling down on more this year, is figuring out how to really connect women for business and see everyone win in that scenario, both the person, the two people that are doing business together, and actually the refer because I see a big path there for women in business and how to actually tap into all of this community equity that we’ve been building for years that I think historically women have had a hard time monetizing in a conscious way.
00:07:12 – Alessandra Pollina
Yeah. Oh my gosh, I bet you’re going to have a lot of people reach out to ask you questions about that after this, and that’s great. I feel like you’re such a connected person and probably, I mean, that’s probably just partly who you are, but I also feel like, from the hey mama days, you just know so many people. I mean, that’s what you did, was build a community, and that’s a huge community. And so you just really know everybody.
00:07:38 – Katya Libin
I would think so many women. It’s just never ending. The pool of incredible women to know in this world is just so rich and deep, and I just have a deep love for people, and I think that’s been the cornerstone of my life and my career, is that every single person I meet, I truly feel like they’re like this treasure that I get to unwrap, and I attract really incredible people. So my capacity for connection is like a bottomless pit. I just love connecting, and I love feeling that soul connection with people that weren’t in my life. And then they come into my life, and I’m like, you’re never leaving my life. And so that’s why I think I am meant for community building, because it’s not just, like, something I do for business. It’s truly, like, my soul’s assignment, I think, is to connect, build the community here.
00:08:28 – Alessandra Pollina
Well, it’s true. I’ve totally felt that. I think that you have that magnetism and that energy and that you feel so welcoming as a person or something. And I will say, just to back.
00:08:39 – Katya Libin
Up a little, too, and get a.
00:08:40 – Alessandra Pollina
Little context, too, that I’m so grateful, first of all, to have met you in actually been a part of everything. I’m so grateful for everything you’ve created because I met you and so many people that I know today and love today through hey mama. And I mean shout out, too, because people listening to this will be like, oh, my gosh, so many of the people in my networks and my circles are members of hey mama, whether I’ve met them before or not. I had somebody on the show, actually, a couple probably came out a couple of months ago. I don’t know, by the time this comes out, who I met at a haymama event somewhat recently, and it’s just the connection. I can’t even remember where all the connections come from, but there are just so many people that I meet, and it’s like, there’s some connection to hey mama or our circles or networks in that way. And I met you, like, years ago when there was a hey mama event in. I just. I remember, first of all, being, like, thinking it was so cool that I got to sit near you and actually meet you. Oh, my gosh. The founders are actually here because it was, like, a pretty big thing already that was supposed to be one of the first big events in Boston, but there was already a big networking community here of people in Boston. Anyway, I remember. And then we actually stayed in touch enough that we’ve now been in touch all this time and that we’ve been involved in other things since then. And I took part in your conscious leadership mastermind, and that also has been so incredible for me, too. So just feel like all the things you’ve done have been game changers in my life, personally, and you just literally feel like a best friend the minute someone meets you, at least for me. And I feel like, obviously, there are a lot of other people who feel that way, too, because people are always.
00:10:23 – Katya Libin
Like, yeah, in your orbit. That’s such a good feeling to hear. And honestly, I think that’s because of my heart. I love love. I’m like the biggest love bug. If I could just snuggle up with everyone all the time, that’s what I would do. That’d be my preferred way to hang out, is just, like, cuddling with my friends on the couch and telling them how incredible they are.
00:10:46 – Alessandra Pollina
It’s not what we always think of when we think of successful business leaders.
00:10:50 – Katya Libin
There’s this whole energy of, actually, if you look at Taylor Swift, and I think one of the reasons that she’s been so successful and that magnetism that she has, and I’m not comparing me to Taylor Swift, I’m just saying she is just an incredible woman that I admire. And there is something about her love frequency that’s, like, through the roof. Like, you could just feel how much she loves her fans. You could feel how much she is at peace with herself. And so those two things I think about is when I think about magnetism, and this is something that I teach because I want every woman to feel deeply connected to who she is, how she’s showing up, and naturally attracting the right opportunities. Because we don’t want chasing after everything in our lives. We want things to come to us, and we want to show up in our fullest expression. And based on that authenticity and that connection, people will then naturally be like, great, what are you working on, and how do we work together? And I feel this way next to you, and so I’d like to do business with you, or I’d like to introduce you to someone, or I just want to be friends and build this relationship. And it all comes down to love. I think that’s the most powerful universal force that we have, and I love what I do, and I’ve also had to do a lot of soul searching to fully love and accept myself, shadow and darkness and all. And that’s why I’m in this work, because I see so many of us divided. There’s this part of me that this people get, and then there’s that little secret part of me that no one gets to see and show up this way with some people and not fully in myself, or I’m scared to give more of myself because I don’t want to get hurt or whatever it may be. So I think love and magnetism go hand in hand. And it’s scary and vulnerable to show up with as big of an open heart as I do, because I do let a lot of people into my world, and I do give my love to a lot of people, but I’m giving it from excess because I feel like I just have so much of it. And so that’s kind of like what I’ve kind of boiled it down to with the community side, because I’m energized by people. So this is kind of a good reminder that I’m a three five generator, not a manifesto generator. So I get a lot of energy from people. I get a lot of energy from connecting. Some people might find it really depleting. So it’s important to tap into who you are and how you like to connect. And then when you’re with people, kind of really noticing if you’re fully in your essence or if you’re in your head, are you thinking about what you’re going to say? Are you thinking about how you need to position yourself? Are you thinking about how you think people perceive you? Or are you actually just there, like mind, body, spirit, like, fully, and you.
00:13:38 – Alessandra Pollina
Strive to always be there.
00:13:40 – Katya Libin
I strive to show up in every room completely me and the same. I try not to show up as a different version because I like to have this sort of my own presence, as opposed to when I was younger, I would show up and I would change depending on who I was talking to or depending what room I was in. I felt like I was really easily impacted by other people’s energies, and I would slowly kind of start to adjust to them. Maybe so they’d like me more, maybe so I’d say something that they felt all of that would be going through my head. And if you understand masculine and feminine energy, masculine energy is very much about awareness, so it’s about you’re aware of the conversation. Sometimes people are thinking about what they’re going to say, and they’re not truly deeply listening, but anyone that’s worked with me knows that when I’m with them, I am deeply listening. So there’s, like, a presence and feminine energy is about being. It’s about being in surrender. It’s about really fully dropping in in the embodiment of the experience. And that is what people feel.
00:14:50 – Alessandra Pollina
Yeah, I feel like I’ve noticed that you do. I’m always like, how do you even remember that I said that thing, like, three months ago? Because that’s how much you’re listening and paying attention and being part of the conversation. And not only that, but then having insightful or helpful things to say or questions to ask around that to make it deeper.
00:15:08 – Katya Libin
Bless you for the truth.
00:15:11 – Alessandra Pollina
How do you feel like you’ve gotten to this point? I feel like that’s something that takes a lifetime. So many people never even get there, let alone or never even really are conscious about this kind of thing. Don’t even really think about it that much. Do you feel like you’ve just kind of developed? I mean, part of it is, as you said, kind of who you are as a person, but just everything else about how you’ve kind of created a business around everything and where did it come from? Is this things you’ve learned along the way from the first business you created? How have you done it?
00:15:44 – Katya Libin
So many lessons. I didn’t come out this way. I mean, I was deeply insecure, depressed, addicted to drugs when I was in high school. Really lonely, really. Not this woman. No one is the woman that you see in front of them. Back in the day, I think so many of us have had. I’ve had two called off engagements. I’ve had so much change in my life. I haven’t always been this woman. This woman evolved and emerged from, I think, years of doing the work and constantly putting time and energy into cultivating a deep awareness and understanding of myself. It came from years of meditating. I mean, I’ve been on a spiritual path now for over ten years. And I remember the very first time I had, like, my awakening was after a really toxic relationship. And I remember the next morning, it was 05:00 a.m. And I went on the balcony, and this famous martial artist did some tapping exercise with me, and it broke through a chakra of mine, and I started fasting and reading the Dalai Lama’s art of happiness and journaling. And I just. All of a sudden, it was like the whole world kind of opened up to me, and I felt like I could see truly the beauty, the depth, and then staying with that and cultivating that feeling. Of, like, oh, my God, I’ve had a little taste of enlightenment. I’ve felt it. I felt this inner peace. I felt this bubble around me. I felt this wholeness, because that’s the ultimate truth, is, like, wholeness, wholeness with you and everything. So it’s like you are no different than me because we are the same. We are deeply connected. So if you are in a state of wholeness with the world, with nature, with people, there’s no resistance. And so, in day to day life, though, a lot of people are resisting, right? They’re, like, at odds with what’s happening either with other people or with the truth or with themselves. So everything that creates duality is ultimately keeping you further away from the oneness. And the oneness is the ultimate truth. Like, we move our hands right now, and, like, some star billions of light years away feels it. That’s how interconnected everything is. And so that level of continued desire to be, like, ooh, I know that feeling. I felt it. How do I create that daily bliss and enlightenment in my day to day life? That’s what I’m on a quest for now, is having accessible enlightenment, where day to day, I’m feeling at peace with what is, but also continuously magnetizing and being the vortex of energy that I am, I create through that connection is strong. So I’m now able to manifest and attract almost anything that I want, within reason. I have everything that I want, but I do manifest a lot. And the things come, and I’m like, why does this happen to me? It happens because I think number one is doing the shadow work is incredibly important. And really looking at our dark side, there’s no light without dark. So even the happiest person you might know, we all have our shadow. And bringing that shadow into the light and really taking the time to go through that and be aware of yourself, like, when you’re being an asshole and taking radical accountability for that is so incredibly freeing because none of us are perfect, and none of us are even striving for that. I think journaling on a consistent basis is life changing. I think spending that time to find words for your growth and how you’re changing. And I’d say the thing that’s changed in my life is, honestly, pleasure. Like, being so connected to my sacral energy and to my pleasure and my desires and seeing my pleasure capacity increase and seeing how when I’m more connected to my pleasure, I’m more connected to God and those two things being so close together with this union I have with Daniel and him coming into my life and the intentionality between that, it’s taken, I think, it to another level. So there’s a lot that we can do alone. But if we have a partner that we’re connected to on every chakra know, then we’re strengthening those connections, especially on the know. God’s a big part of our lives, and I’d say that’s the thing that I think I’ve seen, is that the most successful people I know are deeply connected to God, full stop. That doesn’t mean they’re connected to Christianity, Catholicism, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Not certainly about organized religion, but they are very much connected to something far greater than themselves. And they are willing to surrender truly to allow the miracles that they want to see happen, as opposed to going through the motions day in and day out and then just being in that I’m too busy program. Or like, this is just a coincidence program. I think we just kind of know now that nothing’s really a coincidence. There’s a lot of forces at play that are far more powerful than us, and we have to rise to the frequency that we want to attract, which is, again, back to love, loving ourselves, loving our families, and loving the growth that comes when we’re really honest with the choices that we’re making and how we’re showing up day to day.
00:21:00 – Alessandra Pollina
Oh, my gosh, yes. And this is not the key point of anything you’ve said, but when you say God, is that, like, when some people say, like, the universe or source or something like that too, just because I’m exactly. You actually talk about, like, God?
00:21:12 – Katya Libin
Yeah, I think people can describe it differently. Like the source universe, I am very connected to the divine feminine and to that frequency. So when some people think of God in a more masculine way, and I’m very connected to the feminine, it’s hard to describe because I’m jewish by birth, but I don’t follow Judaism to that. But God is a major part of my life. Like, I wake up every day, I pray, I go to sleep at night, I pray, I pray twice a day for at least 15 or 20 minutes. And prayer and meditation are hand in hand, but our life is the prayer. It’s just like art and prayer kind of. You can do lots of things and have them be deeply connecting, soulful experiences if you’re awake, if you’re able to actually soak in the deep pleasure and presence and acceptance of everything that is in that moment. And that’s what I feel like breeds magic, is those moments where we’re able to rise our frequency and just be so fucking happy. Sorry for the cursing. So happy with exactly what is very rare for people because we’re always on a more program. So that’s kind of the other side of it is like we receive more abundance when we’re ready to open our hands and actually be in the receivable process. And we get a lot less of it when we’re tightly trying to control the outcome of things or feeling like we haven’t done enough or someone’s done more, we’re comparing ourselves or someone has it better. And all of those things kind of like, block our ability to show up in our fullest expression and show up in full receipt of, I think, all the gifts that we’re meant to have.
00:22:55 – Alessandra Pollina
Yeah, that’s the hard part, right? Is being like, how do I get into that receive space when I feel like there’s things that are not going right or things I need to control more in order to make it go the way I want or whatever that is? And that’s one of the things that I feel like I like about what you do and how you kind of teach and talk about things, too, is like getting into a space where things feel good. It doesn’t have to be a rigid certain, like, here’s how you have to do this to build your business or whatever, you need to subscribe to the things that you maybe see elsewhere in terms of what you should do or how you should do things. And I feel like you have much more of a, like, let’s figure out what feels good for you. I think this is basically kind of like what you were just saying, but it’s like, what feels good for you, and maybe that ties back into the pleasure, but you can create whatever you want based on what feels good to you, and it doesn’t have to be done the way that somebody else might. You might think it has to be done or whatever. And I feel like that’s one of the things that’s really powerful.
00:23:57 – Katya Libin
Absolutely. And I think the simplest way to explain that is in pregnancy terms of contraction and expansion when you’re giving birth, right? So we have contraction, we have expansion. And if you are creating, like, imagine everything in life is energy and everything is a frequency. So I’ll give you, like, a real life example. If I have to create a keynote on sensuality that I need to teach, that I get to speak at next Saturday at a conference, if I was starting to create that keynote and I was like, I can’t believe you haven’t done this yet. You don’t even know how to teach this yet. And while I’m creating it, I’m anxious, I’m stressed, I’m nervous, I’m feeling bad about what’s on the page. All of the frequency around that project, both in the creation, is in this lower level energy. So if you look at Hawkins map of consciousness we have, enlightenment is at 1000. Earth’s frequency is at 528. Love is around 500. Joy is at 600. Shame is at 20. Anger 75, like, rate. All of those things. So think about shame, which is something a lot of times, as entrepreneurs, we’re like, I didn’t hit my number, or we’re starting to get into our head about what hasn’t happened or what we want to happen, and we’re probably hovering in that hundred. Level 250 is neutrality. So even 250 is a good frequency. So if I started to create this presentation and I was in a neutral frequency, that would be fine. But if I sat down and I was like, I just had an amazing orgasm, and I had this amazing cup of tea, and my favorite song is coming on, and I’m just feeling so, like, holy shit, I get to do this. I’m so excited. I’m so grateful. I’m going to crush this keynote. And my whole energy around creating this is, like, high. Then that’s the potency that can have, and then I have to get to take that and carry that in. So when I sit and look at my 2024 goals and I’m journaling about them, I’m noticing, is there any inner critic or voice that’s getting in my head about the way I should have rerunning my business or what I should be doing or where I should be? Or am I focusing all of my precious energetic resources and thoughts and really, like, our fuel power on being in deep gratitude and celebration of what I have done, which is where most of our energy should be going, and then being in a pleasureful, envisioning and innovative process around what’s next.
00:26:19 – Alessandra Pollina
00:26:19 – Katya Libin
So we can’t innovate. If we’re doing so from a place of lack and entrepreneurs, we have to toe that. A lot of previous leadership expertise was, if you’re hard on people, they’ll work harder. And if you point out where they’re messing up, then that means they won’t do it again. And if you really pick out where people have made mistakes, maybe they’ll improve. And everything that I’ve learned is the opposite, is that it’s actually about focusing much more on what is working well and what is working and what you love doing and what feels like joy and pleasure and giving women that safety to tap into their yum and follow their yum. Follow the yum. Follow what feels good, which we’ve been taught is like, you can’t do that because you can’t have it all. It can’t feel good and you can make money. And it’s like, why not? What feels good is what allows us to do so effortlessly. And it’s when we are doing things that don’t feel like work and they feel so flowy and they’re just pouring out of us. That’s when we end up having this higher frequency, which is what people feel, which is what people are drawn to. So if you’re meeting someone and you’re like, wow, that person has just incredible energy. That means that they’re probably somewhere in that range, in the 500 to 6700, 800 range. And that can be felt. And that’s why you could measure the human Taurus field. And your heart can be measured up to 9ft.
00:27:49 – Alessandra Pollina
9Ft. Oh, my God.
00:27:50 – Katya Libin
00:27:51 – Alessandra Pollina
This is like a whole nother conversation. We need to know more. You kind of touched on, but what are some of the things that you can do to try to get up there? What could I do today to be that person when someone meets me tomorrow where they’re like, wow, she’s at like a 600.
00:28:08 – Katya Libin
Yes, absolutely. I think it’s like much closer than we think. And meditation is obviously so powerful movement. Put on some great music and dance and pay attention to the words in the song.
00:28:22 – Alessandra Pollina
00:28:22 – Katya Libin
Don’t just put on a song. And then the words in the song are actually kind of toxic. And then you’re like dancing to this music because everything’s programming us in one way or another. Music is amazing. Sound healing, which I’ve now a certified sound healer. So definitely either getting a bowl yourself or going to sound healings or listening even on Spotify, you can listen to earth frequency sounds just with your headphones and that the sound will actually support you. Crystals are amazing. They have so much healing energy. And I’ve been programming my crystals now, which is a whole other podcast episode. Journaling is great. Being in community with other people that support that version of you.
00:29:02 – Alessandra Pollina
00:29:02 – Katya Libin
Because you’re going to have people around you that are like, why are you so happy? Or like, what’s going on?
00:29:07 – Alessandra Pollina
And it’s like, nothing.
00:29:09 – Katya Libin
I’m happy because life’s amazing and I get to be here and roaming the earth at this period of time, which is so special. It’s something we don’t even think about a lot, how lucky we are to even be alive in this time, especially for women. There has never been a better time to be a female entrepreneur. The rise of the feminine is here. It’s happening. There’s never been a better time to become a multimillionaire, if that’s what you want to do, to have your pleasure on your terms, to have your motherhood in the way that feels good for you. So tapping into your gratitude and into your heart space as much as possible and eating great food and working out. I mean, guys, it’s not rocket science, but I think it’s starting to normalize, getting to that higher frequency on a regular basis, because then you stay there, and then if something brings you down the law of frequency, you’ll rise back up much faster. But if you ever meet someone and they’re kind of in that really dense energy, like when you could feel someone enter the room before they even get there, and their energy just feels, like, heavy, they’re stuck. They’re stuck in a victim based mentality. They’re stuck in a life is just happening to me mentality. They are not the conscious co creator of their lives. So if you’re up in the I’m the conscious co creator of my life, and what happens is based on my beliefs and what I’m bringing to the world and how I’m of service, then you’ll keep rising there. And then when you do have something really difficult happen, you can process your emotions in a healthy way, but you know the tools to use so you don’t end up getting pulled down into that story. You process, you heal, you feel through it, you cry, you rage, and then you slowly start to make your way back into whatever your baseline is.
00:30:59 – Alessandra Pollina
Yeah. So do you think, is that the secret to creating our empire in a way that feels good is like raising that?
00:31:06 – Katya Libin
It’s not even the secret to creating the empire. It’s the secret to living a delicious life that you love. The gift is the moments. The gift is your existence. And the responsibility that I think comes with being at a higher frequency is that you then raise the vibration of whatever room you walk into. So I feel like, in my human design, my gift, my main purpose here is to be of service. So, yeah, of course, it would be great to build wealth and travel the world with my family. That is going to be a byproduct of my devotion to being of service. So that is a byproduct of my commitment to that. So that’s, for me, what works, because I’m very connected to purpose with, hey, mama. I would wake up every day and be like, I’m so committed to supporting these moms, and I’m here for them, and I’m building this so that they feel more connected and no one’s left behind. And now I feel the same way about changing the way that women work and build because the system is so broken. And I see so many women that are burnt out and putting themselves last and putting their pleasure last and really kind of depleted and exhausted from the process. And as someone that’s kind of, like, at least been able to experience what it’s like to build this in a different way, my responsibility now is to teach that and to show that and to help bring more and more women into that reality so that way they can do that, too for their kids as well. Like, they’re watching everything that we do. And my daughter gets to see me having this really healthy relationship with my body, with my energy, with work. And then she’s going to take that into what she expects for her life. So we are always modeling for our communities and for our families, whether we like it or not.
00:32:59 – Alessandra Pollina
Yeah. Oh, my gosh. I think about that sometimes. I don’t know what it’s going to be like for the next generation. I feel like kids these days, they’re so lucky, and I can only imagine what that next level is going to be like for them. What are they going to? I don’t know. Just, like, starting at this baseline that’s so different from what so many of us, even in the generation before us have been at or were able to start at. But I love what you said about just, I feel like that might be the title of the episode, like, creating a delicious life.
00:33:28 – Katya Libin
I love that.
00:33:28 – Alessandra Pollina
Is that something like that? I love that. Like, yes, let’s do that.
00:33:33 – Katya Libin
Why wouldn’t we want it? Why can’t it be so great? I was just saying, it’s like, how good can you stand it? And I think there’s, do you ever meet someone and you’re just, like, high on life and kind of really feeling good, and then you’re like, how are you? And they’re like, well, the kids and this. And they kind of get right into their complaining minds, and then you’re like, shit. I have to drop my frequency right now to try to be at this level just to make them feel seen as opposed to being like, I’m doing. It’s uncomfortable sometimes, especially for women that do feel like they’re kind of in their own vortex or bubble of joy and how to be joyful in a life when other people are like, no, you don’t get to be joyful yet. Your joy comes last. Guys, this doesn’t mean, like, joyful 100% of the day. I was just going to say, and.
00:34:25 – Alessandra Pollina
It’S not like you’re saying you have to be happy all the time. Not at all. It is, but it’s about knowing how to switch back into that and having that be the majority of your life, or at least what you’re shooting for, being able to that for yourself when you need it and want it and trying to stay in that place as much as possible, right? Yes.
00:34:45 – Katya Libin
If that’s what you the kind of life you want to live, then yes. And it’s like we are all responsible for our own energy, like no one else and nothing else. So I definitely don’t take myself too seriously. We’re just the biggest silly clowns in this house, and we’re always making fun of each other and laughing and kind of just, I think really being in a state of deep, I think even gratitude just for knowing and embodying this information, coming from where I came from and my life journey, even every day, just waking up with that knowing of that wisdom of like, wow, I know this. And some people don’t get to know this or feel this for their whole lives, and I can feel it. What am I going to do with that today? Why don’t I leave voice notes to my ten friends and tell them how amazing they are and remind them that.
00:35:35 – Alessandra Pollina
They could do it?
00:35:36 – Katya Libin
Or that’s why I coach, because I have so much excess. So I’m just like, okay, let’s grow your vision. I want to help women build and grow into whatever their dream life is. And I have that capacity, and that’s how it pours out. But when I don’t have that capacity and there are moments and days where I’m just depleted, I don’t do it. I stop. I go on the couch, I take a long walk, I turn off my phone. And we need to normalize as women like working with our bodies and our flow, so that way we can really tap in when it’s time and then pull back and retreat and give ourselves the space and the boundaries to really refill the cup.
00:36:17 – Alessandra Pollina
Yeah, well, I just want to kind.
00:36:18 – Katya Libin
Of tie it back to how you’ve.
00:36:21 – Alessandra Pollina
Tangibly built a business, because some people might be like, okay, this sounds great. And yes, I want to have that and feel like that and be like that in my life. But what does that actually mean for your business? What does your business look like and how have you kind of used this? That might be a lot of questions. Yes.
00:36:37 – Katya Libin
So my business grew 60% last year, and I was really proud of that. So I’m now going into year three of KL and co. The business started out with me, consulting, actually. And then I realized I didn’t love that kind of work as much, and I started to really focus on coaching women in business and taking on one on one coaching clients and really working with them in a very deep way for six months. So I have a program called Radiant Leadership, which is amazing for founders, for women executives, for business women that are looking to tap into this essence and they want to see the actual numbers and results to reflect that. Because while all of this energetic enlightenment is beautiful, it actually works in the capitalistic system that we have. Like, it allows us to play in the matrix on our terms a bit more and at least feel good doing it.
00:37:29 – Alessandra Pollina
Can I cut you off for 1 second? Don’t forget, though, I want to hear the rest of this. But the other thing that came to me that I wanted to ask you was in also a tangible sense for you personally, one of the things that I know that you always made us do in the mastermind was brag. Give us a brag. What has been going good for you? I feel like that’s going to also make this very tangible for people. What are some of the things that you’ve literally created in your life in the last couple of years, or wherever you want to go with that?
00:37:58 – Katya Libin
God, yes. Okay, well, one of the biggest brags is I manifested, like my soul partner a couple of years ago, and as a single mom with a ten year old, and I manifested this incredible man, and we just have been on such a beautiful ride together. And so when I tell you not only is he so fine, he’s six four and sexy and fun and hysterical, but he’s like the most kind, gentle, loving, spiritual, soulful, supportive human being. And he had a daughter. My daughter’s the same exact age, and they’re best friends. And so it’s truly like we manifested each other so hard. So having that relationship come in and getting to really not only experience my pleasure capacity, I brag that I’ve probably had the most delicious, amazing orgasms over the past two years on a level that I just hope every woman gets to experience. And through that connection, we’ve been building and we just know a really gorgeous dream home in Bedford, something that I thought was going to be completely out of reach. And I just decided last year that it was going to happen. And I don’t even know how I pulled it together and how we pulled it together, but what I thought would take me years to do, I did within eight months. So that was a huge brag and win. And the home is gorgeous. It’s really everything that I could want, and it’s provided this launching pad for all of these other ventures. So my partner and I are also launching another business together. I did so much last year. I had over 500 women impacted at my events all around the country. I traveled to Austin. I got paid to go to Chicago to speak. I worked with visionary founders, over 30 women, one on one, which was incredible. This mastermind program launched last year, which you were a part of and was such a delight. My daughter’s healthy and happy, and she had really struggled a lot last year. So one of the biggest wins I had was really just seeing her come out of her darkness and her struggles with her identity and her confidence, and seeing her be this happy, healthy, thriving kid now was just a tremendous win. And that’s outside of just the incredible relationships and the travel and going to Costa Rica and going to all these places I was able to go, oh, my gosh, it’s just a little handful of things that have happened in the past couple of years since I’ve been on this path building this business. It’s just been kind of like one door opening up after the next. And so I think for anyone listening to this, that’s like, oh, meditating sounds great, but I don’t have time or doing this deep spiritual work. Like, I don’t have time or I can’t do that because I’m so busy. I really just have seen, and I really, truly have seen and felt how much our inner world shapes our outer reality. And that get when you’re working with, when you’re in a community, like even what you’ve done locally, and the feeling that people have when they go to your events, that feeling of connection, really focusing on where you can get that frequency that fuels you, whether it’s a coach or a community or a network or event that you’re going to. And it’s like that energy and sustaining that energy is what allows you to create massive momentum. And once you create momentum, that’s when you could sit back and wait for people to be coming to you. Like, how do I work with you? Where can we do things together? What conference. Can we build together? Let’s travel the world and have you speak here. I also led three retreats, co hosted three retreats last year, which was incredible. But none of this would be possible if I wasn’t taking that time to really dig deep and grow as a woman.
00:41:52 – Alessandra Pollina
Yeah, that’s why I wanted you to be able to share that because I feel like people are like, yeah, that’s great. You made this a way of life and it works. Just to be able to see the things that really, tangibly you’ve been able to create, I think is really powerful for me, that’s been really powerful just to consistently watch you and see what you’ve been doing and what you’ve created, because you’re a lot better than me at it. I literally remember when you said, last year, I’ve decided I’m going to manifest the house that I want.
00:42:22 – Katya Libin
I literally remember you saying that. And then a couple of months later.
00:42:26 – Alessandra Pollina
You were like, guys, here’s the house. And it’s happened. We’re going to put in an offer. And then you got it, and it just all worked out. I remember that. And that timeline does feel very obviously I wasn’t in it, but it seemed very quick.
00:42:41 – Katya Libin
Oh, my God. Thank you so much. Honestly, I’m only as successful as I am because of the woman that I serve. So it’s like the fuel keeps going because I’m of service and because I’m of service so much. And the women I work with, so many of the women I work with have doubled their businesses, have called in the love of their lives, have had the best sex they’ve ever had, have had this feeling that they can’t like this level of happiness that they didn’t even think was as accessible to them. This level of peace and relaxation and joy. They’re just enjoying their lives a lot more. And that’s really priceless. But your success is my. It’s so intrinsically linked. The one thing I will say is quantum leaps. Quantum leaps are when you’re not just thinking of two xing your revenue or like two xing your life, you’re like, how do I ten x this? How do I actually change my reality? And that’s what I did last year, is I changed my reality. I was in 1000 square foot apartment with my daughter and it was in a great community, a great town, and I was like, this doesn’t match. Like, I’m this magical being. I need to live in a magical home with a huge garden, and I need to host fabulous Bridgerton style tea parties. And I knew that. And so then seeing myself even show up in this home, and I felt it through my whole body being like, this is the home. And everyone said it was not going to happen. Everyone’s like, there’s no way. And I was like, watch me. And it happened because women are powerful. We’re so powerful. So I’m inspired by that big quantum leap because that one thing also changed my sense of grounding and stability. And when we are grounded and stable in ourselves and with our partners, then we could tap more into our pleasure. You can’t have pleasure without safety, right? Those two things go hand in hand. Then we’re tapped into our confidence in our solar plexus. Then we feel connected to our hearts. Then it comes through to what we say because we’re just speaking from this true love and wisdom that’s pouring out of us. And then we’re more connected to our third eye and our intuition, so we know which opportunities to do. I’m a great businesswoman. I know when I meet someone, I could spot exactly who I want to work with, and I can make it happen because I’m really good with knowing and tapping into who, when, and why at the right time. These inner wisdom tools that seem woo woo before of, like, who has time for that? This is the difference between people that are building empires, is they’re tapping into all these things. And last but not least is our connection to universe, source, spirit, God, whatever you want to call it.
00:45:29 – Alessandra Pollina
00:45:30 – Katya Libin
I feel like we all have that within us, and I just want to inspire women to know that they can create whatever reality they want to in their lives, and there’s no limit.
00:45:38 – Alessandra Pollina
I love that. Okay, thank you for sharing all that. And I think it was really powerful to hear your brags and what you’ve done. I want to tie it back to, though, I had cut you off about how you’ve actually used it to build your business, too. And I know you were still kind of talking about some of that, like how you started with the consulting and then went into the masterminds and one on one and stuff like that. Was there anything else about how you.
00:46:01 – Katya Libin
Built the business to what it is.
00:46:03 – Alessandra Pollina
Today that you want to share?
00:46:05 – Katya Libin
I’m like a brand snob. I love brands. I love really good brands. Like, I love the beauty of a great brand. And so I’ve definitely been building the brand of KL and Co. And that means I’ve created a lot of events and experiences this year. So I did an event called Blossoming Business with over 100 people, where we raised thousands of dollars and we had all of these vendors. And that was a big thing in may where people are like, oh, what does KL and Co do? Like, that was a big event in the Hamptons. I did a week long partnership with a brand called Giopenta called the Haven House. And that was a big moment for the brand because I was like moderating multiple panels and pulling in speakers and pulling in partners. When it comes to thought, leadership, visibility, and creating the experiences that are going to move your brand forward, it is up to us as business owners. And you know this better than anyone because you are so good at doing this. It’s like if it doesn’t exist and you want it, create it. If you want to be a community builder and you want to do a monthly breakfast with ten women that just delight you and feel you just love their energy, just that one thing alone would probably reap massive rewards for your life, for your business, for your success. Because magical things happen when we bring people together. So big strategy of mine has been really conscious community building, and I’m big on conscious business, conscious leadership. So that’s something. I work with companies and I have a whole beautiful deck of how I go into companies and teach this. But I kicked off this conscious leadership series in Brooklyn and it was a sold out event. I had Trinet sponsor it. It was incredibly impactful. And that allowed me to kind of really launch the b to b side of how I go in and support businesses, whether it’s through retreats or through workshops or through coaching their executives on conscious business principles which are gender neutral. Anyone in the company can join these experiences. So that’s been kind of a big part of 2023 was cementing what the brand does, what the mission is. And now 2024 is really, for me about setting up scalable products that people can experience that are less the one on one side. Not that I don’t love coaching one on one, I do, and I am very thoughtful about who I work with because we’re working in such a close, energetic field. But I want to create products that are widely accessible to a lot of people, that allow people to tap into this empress energy, this conscious business owner energy in a way that serves them and provides a lot of sustainability for my business. Aka, you should want to make money while you sleep, right? You can’t have everything be tied to your hours because then you’re really always capped by that. You want to create products that allow you to kind of represent your brand and then those products are constantly moving and grooving and supporting people. At least that’s, for me, where the business is going to expand to this year.
00:49:06 – Alessandra Pollina
Amazing. I love it. First of all, I just want to mention I’m feeling really excited. I think I’m at a higher frequency than I usually am because literally, I feel like my heart is, like, pounding fast or something. I’m feeling really jazzed and excited, and we haven’t even talked about any of the things I’m doing or anything like that. I guess I’m also very excited for you, probably just because I like you a lot.
00:49:29 – Katya Libin
That is energy. It is like you feel it if you’re with someone. That’s it at a high frequency. There are some people that evoke a lot of energy in people, and I think that’s something that I’ve noticed. It’s my excitement. It’s like you’re feeling that and then you’re also excited, and then it’s opening your mind and tapping into your business. And so every day we interact with people and we get to leave that mark on them, like, whatever that mark is. So the more we take care of ourselves, we ripple effect on so many others. Don’t just have amazing exploration of your pleasure and your sense of connection for you. It’s just like it changes the vibration of everything.
00:50:18 – Alessandra Pollina
I’m going to try to consciously raise that every day. I’m going to try to be that person for other people.
00:50:25 – Katya Libin
You are. You are such a high vibe person. Whenever I’m around you, I feel super excited because you have a very playful, supportive energy and you have the very goddessy vibe and look. And whenever we talk, I just feel like you have a huge heart. And I know on the back end of how much you care about your clients, about your people, about the retreats you’ve been doing, the. I’m just. I’m so proud of you. I’m so honored that we get to roam earth at the same space and time, because you’re just a total badass and Boston is lucky to have you.
00:50:59 – Alessandra Pollina
Thank you for saying that. Oh, my gosh. I really appreciate you saying even. I don’t know. I didn’t know that anybody felt that way about me. So also, like, hey, let’s say those things out loud to people. I wouldn’t have thought that, and I really appreciate that. Okay, well, unfortunately, we have to stop this recording eventually, so tell people how they can find you if they want to connect with you more and or work with you this year or whenever.
00:51:29 – Katya Libin
Yeah, I’d love to hear from some people that are listening to this and resonate with what I’m saying. You could find me on my website. It’s Katyalibin.com on my instagram, which is Katia’s life. And, you know, I’m on LinkedIn, and hopefully I’ll be coming to Boston to do some events soon. But yeah, my heart is open for women that feel called to my work. And typically, exactly who is attracted to me is who I’m meant to work with. Know, I’m not for everyone, but the people that I’m meant for, really vibe, and they’re ready. So I’m really grateful for this opportunity to have this conversation, Alessandra, and excited to see where our continued friendship and relationship takes us because you are truly incredible.
00:52:15 – Alessandra Pollina
Thank you. Me too. I am too. I feel like we’ll be in each other’s lives forever, at least following along and all of that. I always mean to ask, what’s one last word of advice you’d want to leave people with?
00:52:26 – Katya Libin
My big word of advice is, like, believe in yourself more than anyone else. Really be your biggest fan. And that doesn’t mean that your shit doesn’t stink like all of ours does. That means actually to be a fan of that, too. To know your strengths, to know where you’re growing, and to love yourself really fully and unconditionally and believe that your goals are completely possible. In fact, it’s impossible for you to not achieve them. That’s the level of belief and certainty that we get to have in ourselves if we want other people to feel that. So be your biggest fan.
00:53:10 – Alessandra Pollina
Thank you. I love it. Perfect. Okay. Thank you so much for doing. I really, really am glad we got to talk. I’m glad this was my first conversation of the year. Yay.
00:53:19 – Katya Libin
I’m so glad to thank you, Alessandra, and thank you to everyone for listening. And I can’t wait for what’s next this year.

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