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Building Community Online and Off with Laura Sinclair


Tune into this episode as we discuss the power of social media and building communities- online and off- when it comes to launching and growing your business. This week’s guest, Laura Sinclair, is a busy mom of two who runs her own boutique social media marketing agency, The LJ Social Agency, that teaches and empowers small business owners to navigate social media marketing independently. She also hosts the podcast “The Mother Means Business.” Join us as we unpack Laura’s career journey and hear all of her tips and tricks to building a true community that will help you create a business that soars while also enjoying the ride!

In this episode, we will explore:
  • Laura’s entrepreneurial beginnings: how she got started with her social media marketing business, and how she utilized social media and her background running a CrossFit gym to skyrocket her success in business.
  • The logistics of running a boutique agency, how to foster essential team dynamics, hosting a podcast, and making strategic investments.
  • How Laura organizes her time management, creating a solid work-life balance by including setting boundaries, aligning tasks with your hormonal cycle, and prioritizing what feels good for you.
  • The importance of visibility in business growth, from community building to networking and cultivating client relationships all through the use of social media.
The resources mentioned in this episode are:

Check out Laura’s website
Find Laura on Instagram @itslaurasinclair
Find Laura on TikTok
Find Laura on Facebook
Listen to the This Mother Means Business podcast
Don’t miss out on Laura’s bi-weekly business connection call for women entrepreneurs, held every other Tuesday at 10 am EST. Register here!

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