Building a Business Through Crowdfunding and the Number 1 Thing That Predicts Success

Today I am joined by Kate Anderson,

Co-Founder and Operations Director of iFundWomen. iFundWomen is a fundraising ecosystem for women led start ups and small businesses. Their mission is to close the funding and confidence gap by providing crowdsourcing, coaching, and connections- all designed to help female entrepreneurs start and build better businesses.

Kate tells us all about how iFundWomen provides the resources and help that female entrepreneurs need when starting a business and gives many tips and advice on what we can do to use crowdfunding and learning opportunities to build successful businesses. She explains the importance of investing in yourself and your career, and the number one thing that determines if a crowdfunding project will be successful. She also tells us a little about some of the most exciting crowdfunding projects currently on the site. Join us for this great discussion on all things female entrepreneur!

Check out the women communities that Kate mentioned:

The Wing (https://www.the-wing.com/), Hey Mama (https://heymama.co/), Dreamers and Doers (https://www.dreamersdoers.me/), Chief (https://www.chief.com).

Connect personally with Kate on Instagram @anderson.kate.

Follow iFundWomen on all social media platforms at iFundWomen and you can find more information on their website at https://ifundwomen.com/ and https://www.coaching.ifundwomen.com/.

listen to the episode:

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