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Best Platforms for Entrepreneurs to Connect

In a modern digital world, it’s become much harder to make connections both professionally and personally. It is integral for female entrepreneurs and female owned-businesses to network with other female professionals in order to expand and learn in the business world. Here are some collaboration platforms that you may not have heard of:

Seneca Connect is an idea based on the book Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose, written by Melanne Verveer and Kim K. Azzarelli to uplift female businesswomen in their careers. With means to connect a variety of women to fast-forward females, this platform provides “a directory of audio content from the Seneca Women Podcast Network and showcas[es] women-owned businesses, impactful nonprofits, curated events, research, and news.” The app includes many notable and helpful things, like a quotes feature that shares words of inspiration, a power news feature that provides news on business as it relates to women, and a deep database of useful information from many publications, books, and websites that can be accessed by all.

BumbleBizz is a branch of the popular dating app, Bumble. It incorporates the features of Bumble but for the purpose of business. When a user creates a profile, they include previous jobs and experiences, essentially building a resume on the app. You can add photos upon creation, and it gives you the opportunity to showcase projects, research, or whatever else details your accomplishments. It works similarly to Bumble, allowing users to message other professionals to establish a networking relationship onscreen and later bring it to life with advice or a job opportunity.

Shapr is a company that is broken into four segments, specifically the Shapr Networking feature that works similarly to dating apps where users are digitally introduced to people and companies based on their similar interests. Shapr works hard to create privacy and security for its users by only matching when both users want to connect with one another. There’s also a setting for connecting exclusively with women. They want to ensure that the introduction to networking with in-person collaborators goes smoothly and is beneficial for all parties.

Whether it’s for freelance work, project sources, or just advice it is always beneficial to have someone with expertise in your corner. The world can be so harsh for women, and even more so for women in business. By using these platforms you can never feel lonely in a turbulent business world.

Links to each platform:

Fast Forward: How Women Can Achieve Power and Purpose by Melanne Verveer and Kim K. Azzarelli
Seneca Connect

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