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Amy Welsman on Creating Luxury Skincare for Your Hands

In this episode we hear from Amy Welsman,

Founder and CEO of PAUME, a luxury skincare brand for hands, featuring products including an Antibacterial Gel, Exfoliating Hand Cleanser, and Probiotic Hand Balm. PAUME is Certified plastic neutra, vegan, and cruelty free, and has been seen on celeb Instagram accounts, like Adele. Amy takes an innovative approach with PAUME to really elevate the hand hygiene experience with products that feel good and look good– and she came up with this idea and started the company before Covid hit. Talk about the right product at the right time. Listen in to hear how she created a unique hand care line that’s more aligned with the clean beauty and self-care realm than you ever thought a sanitizer could be, with no previous experience in the industry.

In this episode you will hear:

-How she went from right hand woman, to Founder and CEO
-Why motherhood inspired her to launch a hand care line
-Ways she secured investors
-How she decided to make her first hire
-How she used (beautiful!) branding and marketing to bring her vision to life
-Why she chose to do a combination of wholesale and DTC for her products

Connect with PAUME:

Instagram: @mypaume

Learn more about the PR Bootcamp, starting on May 2, HERE.

Listen to the episode:

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