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A New Year With New Possibilities

Reminiscing on the old and looking forward to the new!

When it comes to celebrating the new year, it’s easy to feel hopeful and nostalgic all at once. When we’re living our lives day to day, we often forget just how quickly time flies until we’re standing in the aisle of a store looking at a pair of sunglasses shaped like the year 2022. The realization hits you that a year has flown by, and you try to remember what your resolutions were from last year or if you even stuck to them. You had started the previous year with high expectations that all of your hopes, dreams and manifestations would become a reality, but now– as you stand at the end of the year– you feel as if you fell short.

Maybe you didn’t get that promotion or you weren’t able to take that trip. Maybe you didn’t go to the gym as often as you wanted to or you were late picking up your kid from school a couple times too many. There are some things that we plan and hope to happen, but just don’t work out. It’s not an uncommon feeling. We all have a tendency to focus on what we lack, and ignore the moments that we showed up for ourselves and our loved ones. Instead of focusing on what you didn’t do, give yourself credit for the hard work you have done and all that you accomplished that you thought was impossible.

As you look back on the past year, remind yourself that you’re only human and you can’t accomplish everything in the world in just a year. It’s important to be gentle with ourselves, and instead of focusing on the negative, look to moments where you found yourself happy and in love with life. There were times in the past year that you thought were so tough you wouldn’t be able to get through, and yet here you are standing strong and emboldened by the lessons you learned, ready to take on another year.

Don’t let last year’s resolutions dwindle the excitement that comes with the chance at new beginnings! New beginnings bring the anticipation of something more. When you start drawing up your resolutions for the new year, think about what you actually want from the upcoming year. Do you actually want to go to the gym everyday or is that just influenced by what you see on social media? Think about where you want to be in your career or places you want to visit. Don’t just stop at resolutions either: make an action plan! Be honest about what you want and realistic on how to get it. Whether it’s in huge strides or baby steps, reaching your goals is attainable and shouldn’t be overwhelming.

The new year means that you can start fresh, so leave behind what doesn’t serve you and raise a toast to moving forward!

Katalina Elise is a member of the Quotable Magazine editorial team. A senior at NC State University in Raleigh, she’s passionate about baking, spending time with her cat, and writing at her favorite art cafe.

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