From morning routines to afternoon workflows, our Day in the Life series gives us a peek into fellow female entrepreneur’s day-to-day lives. Join us for today’s feature – offering an intimate look at the challenges, triumphs, and routines that fuel success in every area of life for this week’s founder.

Tell us about your business- what type of work do you do?

Bekind comms is a public relations and communications firm rooted in kindness. It’s a partner in changing hearts and minds through the power of emotionally resonant storytelling. Bekind comms works with nonprofits, companies, justice seekers, hospitality industries, and anyone looking to spread joy and kindness in this world.

We specialize in media relations, event management, brand and reputation building, narrative work, social influence and mindful messaging. I founded this agency after nearly a decade in the PR industry, where I not only witnessed but was directly impacted by toxic workplaces and company cultures. After almost losing faith that empathy and kindness could be a non-negotiable in every aspect of a firm, from client, to coworker, to self, I decided to make real what I dreamed.

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? How do you start your day?

I love to start my mornings early so I can begin my routines that make me feel mentally and physically strong enough to take on the day. I used to struggle with being an early riser until I recently got myself an alarm clock for waking up gently. Now I no longer have to hit snooze and can be softly woken by the sounds of wind chimes and soft light at 6:00 a.m.

The absolute first thing I do once I am out of bed is walk my two adorable rescue dogs, Mulaney and Charley. It is a great motivation to get out of bed and avoid any mindless scrolling on social media. Being outside and seeing the bustling city of Bogota, Colombia already in full swing helps electrify my mornings and motivates me to get my day started. I will typically head to an early Pilates class at 7:00 a.m. to get my body and mind moving. I will walk home listening to a podcast either on creative writing, entrepreneurship or Drag Race. I take a long shower and begin making myself breakfast and a matcha latte. During this time, I try to avoid checking any emails or social media notifications and focus on what is in front of me. At 9:00 a.m., I head to my office and begin my day.

How do you organize your work day?

Every morning begins with checking any unread emails from the night before. Once I have a sense of any new requests from clients, I start my written to-do list. My daily to-do list is crucial to my organization process and must be physically written on paper as I feel I don’t get the same sense of accomplishments from digital lists. I completely rewrite my list from the day before and reorder it based on my priorities and the types of tasks in front of me.

I check my calendar for already scheduled meetings and book in time to be held for bigger tasks that require more writing or research. This helps keep me accountable for how much time I need to spend on each task. I love color coordinating my calendar as well so I can see the types of activities I have in front of me and try to alternate them to balance creativity and critical thinking. I know if there are too many back-to-back calls that can sometimes be draining of energy, I then need to schedule a more fun task afterwards instead of something that may be more challenging.

I tackle my to-do list and alternate from more complex tasks to tedious administrative tasks so that I can have a mental break in between. After every task, I check my email and respond to clients so that they never have to wait more than two hours to hear from me. I am most creative in the morning, so it is important that my biggest writing requirements are started at the very top of my workday and my more administrative tasks are saved for the afternoon.

Do you have a team? If so, how do you work together?

Not yet. I have support from outside counsel and contractors that have helped me with the legal and financial aspects of my business, and I speak with them regularly. I am looking to start a mentorship and internship program soon for those who are starting their careers in public relations.

Walk us through the rest of your day, either hour by hour, or whatever chunks of time make sense.

I like to steadily work without interruption from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Then I will take my dogs for a quick walk which is a great way to reset and get some fresh air. On these walks, I usually am able to find the inspiration for whatever writer’s block I was struggling with earlier in the day.

I return home and prepare my lunch. I like to call my family during this time. I talk to my mother and two sisters daily and it is great to catch up on their day and talk through my own. They are all three female business owners so it is great to have their constant mentorship and perspectives.

I then return to my desk where I like to take out my walking pad and literally walk through the rest of my work day. Since I typically hit a mental slump in the afternoon, the ability to walk while working helps reconnect me with my work.

I try to wrap up all calls by 4:00 p.m. so my remaining hour of “in-office” time can be spent closing any loops or checking any emails that may have gone missed throughout the day.

What do you do after work?

I love to cook and so for most weeknights, I immediately jump into making dinner after my work day wraps. It is an excellent way to unwind and pour yourself into something that requires your hands. I love to experiment with new recipes and very rarely will make the same thing twice. This means I am always feeling creative and kept on my toes, as some meals are not always winners.

A few nights a week, my husband and I will have plans with our friends in Bogota and meet them for dinner, to play a game of Monopoly Deal or to watch a new season of a reality series like Love Is Blind, Selling Sunset or Drag Race.

Tell us about your evening routine.

Dinner is a great time to catch up with my husband and discuss our day and plans for the remainder of the week. I then usually move on to whatever hobby I have for that month, whether that be sewing clothes, macrame, or jewelry making. I love learning new skills and being challenged.

I like to spend most of my later evenings in bed either reading or writing and plotting for a novel I am currently working on. I light my candles, play calming sounds and write until I start to feel tired, which is actually incredibly early, about 9:00 p.m.

How do you practice self-care?

Self-care means stepping away and truly focusing on what brings me joy and recharges my energy. That can be as simple as taking a bubble bath with my phone turned off, taking a nap if I am feeling exhausted or picking up the phone to call my best friend. It can mean doing things that require more energy or planning but have a high pay off, such as traveling to a new country, teaching myself a new skill, or pushing my boundaries outside of my comfort zone to learn something new about myself, like taking a standup comedy class.

What do you look forward to most every day?

I always look forward to the conversations I get to have with my mom and sisters during the day. That time is invaluable. They are fearless, sharp and honest. They are able to give me unfiltered advice, heartfelt support and absurd updates on my niece and nephews.

I also love connecting with new people who have similar mindsets in the PR industry or beyond. It seems every week, I receive a message from somebody who is looking to start a similar path and getting to connect with them, hear their story, and help them in their growth in any way I can, truly brightens my day.

What are your tips for work/life balance?

It is so important to create routines and boundaries that allow for work/life balance. For so much of my career, I would work through lunch or refuse to leave my desk at any point in the work day. I thought I had to be productive, which meant not being human. I worked under someone who would regularly say there is no such thing as a work/life balance, but I think that is only true if you are in a company culture that sees you as a product instead of a human being.

I now create boundaries where I don’t check my phone before or after business hours to truly allow myself to disconnect from my work. I wake up early so that I can have three hours first thing in the morning that is truly dedicated to making myself feel good. I block out my lunch time so that I am not working “hangry” and can have that time to refuel my mind. I have learned that gifting myself time during the work day to do things that recharge me allows me to gift my clients the best version of myself.

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