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A Day in the Life: Jessica Marola-Hugh

From morning routines to afternoon workflows, our Day in the Life series gives us a peek into fellow female entrepreneur’s day-to-day lives. Join us in today’s feature – offering an intimate look at the challenges, triumphs, and routines that fuel this week’s founder’s success in every area of life.

Tell us about your business- what type of work do you do?

I own a female-run marketing collective called StoryWell Marketing. We specialize in brand voice development and offer full-service digital marketing services for small businesses (advertising, social media management, web, etc.).

The Collective is a team of female contractors who are all entrepreneurs in their own right, with over 10+ years of experience in their field, each! This enables small businesses to work with leaders pooling their skill and knowledge on tactics that will actually achieve the results they are looking for, because they know what has worked well for themselves. We predominantly work with clients in professional services, like real estate and medical aesthetics. Our deep experience in this realm allows us to continue to see tangible results for our clients.

I launched this business right after giving birth to my second son. I was burnt out at my corporate job, which eventually resulted in a medical leave. The time to rest allowed me to reflect on the impact my full-time job was having on my health, and I knew for the sake of my family that something had to change. When I made the decision to not return to my corporate job, I started marketing consulting, which eventually snowballed into the Collective as it is today.

StoryWell Quotable Magazine

What’s the first thing you do in the morning? How do you start your day?

Every morning, I wake up just in time to watch the sunrise. During this time I focus on prayer and meditation, complemented by a glass of salt water. If I’m wrestling with any challenges, I follow up this quiet time by writing about the situation in my journal. I also use this time to write about my goals and gratitude.

After this dedicated mindset time, I take the dog for a brisk walk, feed our chickens, and begin preparing for the day. With 4 school-aged kids, I need about 2 hours each morning to myself to ensure their day is set up for success.

Once I’ve taken care of my family and provided them with the nourishment and tools they need for their day, I jump into my inbox at around 10 am.

How do you organize your work day?

Every evening, I journal about anything left outstanding that day, review my calendar, and create a realistic to-do list based on my non-negotiables for the next day. Then the following morning, I tackle the most pressing tasks first to ensure they get done. I find checklists SUPER helpful, and preparation the evening before really helps to keep me on track during the week.

Walk us through the rest of your day.

After my morning routine and preparation is complete, I dive into work and client calls from about 10 am – noon. I take a short lunch, and go for a walk or run some errands. After that, I tackle more client work from about 1 – 3 pm. Of course there’s usually some interruptions from my kids, or I’ll need to pause to pick them up or drop them off somewhere, and there’s the odd appointment in my day too, but that’s the joy of being self-employed, right? Flexibility!

I usually start preparing dinner around 4 pm, to ensure we are sitting down by 5 for dinner and conversation, and the rest of the evening is followed by slowing down and enjoying time together.

Do you have a team? If so, how do you work together?

I have a team of contractors, and we work SO well together; it really makes my work life so much easier. I use Trello for project management, but most communication is over email or Slack.

I assign projects and tasks based on the needs of the client, which they complete by the given deadline. We are super interdependent, yet everyone still maintains their own flexibility and work/life balance – we’ve really found our flow over the past couple months and it’s been amazing!

What do you do after work?

After work, I head outside to play with the kids. I might do some baking or spend some time in the garden for an hour or two when the weather is nice.

If I’m tired from the day, I love to go out for dinner instead of cooking at home. I also feel passionately about giving back to my community, so when I do have free time, I try to find ways to bless others.

Tell us about your evening routine.

We typically finish eating by 6 pm, and if my kids have extracurricular activities scheduled that day, it usually involves heading to the pool or to an evening event. But most nights consist of baths, worship, and a quick workout for myself. I also take time for a quiet devotional by myself, before I fall asleep by 11 pm.

Jessica of StoryWell Quotable Magazine

What are your tips for work/life balance?

Just be kind to yourself. While I always aim to achieve about 1% more every day, I have strict boundaries with my time while still allowing for flexibility. Because as a business owner, homesteader and mother, so many unexpected things can arise in just one day.

I really love journaling because it allows me to monitor my patterns and make adjustments if something isn’t working out positively.

At the end of the day, I choose to take on what brings me joy, and I say ‘no’ to a lot that does not. Being selective with how I spend my time enables me to show up in balance and provide a well-rounded lifestyle for my family.

What do you look forward to most every day?

Spending time with my family, outdoors, cultivating the land that we are so grateful to live and work on. Our homestead is such a magical place of growth, sustenance and nourishment, I feel so empowered and blessed to be able to contribute to the Earth this way.

I also look forward to my time with the Lord. Knowing that we are constantly supported and equipped to show up authentically every day is such a powerful feeling. My faith is the reason why I take action on even the most challenging days.

How do you practice self-care?

Self-care is a priority for me – whether it’s reflected in my worship, hygiene, or physical routine – the minute I started taking care of myself, everything changed for me. This looks like a lot of things, but some of my favorite practices are IV therapy, working out, and a session in my infrared sauna.

I actually implemented ‘Self-Care Fridays’ as well, which is where I routinely get my hair and makeup done in preparation for the weekend ahead. This is my big ‘splurge’ for the week, and it really sets the tone for the transition between work and play.

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