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6 Productivity Apps To Help You Hit Your Stride

Productivity is a key part of how you run not only your businesses and organizations, but your personal life as well. There are so many different apps to help you become your most productive self and aid you in crafting effective systems to help you get stuff done. Here are five apps curated to set you on your way to productivity!

App 1: Grammarly
Free + paid options
Grammarly is an app that will quickly become your writing companion. We at Quotable Media Co. know the importance of putting your best foot forward and if you want to bypass grammatical errors and get detailed help to craft better writing, Grammarly is the tool for you. Useful for memos, emails and full blown documents and briefs, Grammarly is sure to be a help.

App 2: Trello
Free + paid options
Trello is a company favorite. It’s an organizational app that helps you visualize the tasks at hand in a neat and organized format. You can create Do, Doing and Done columns to help you see where certain tasks within your company are, tag your team members to attend to different tasks and more. Trello has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to do all the things.

App 3: Doodle
Free + paid options
Do you have a hard time getting your team members or close friends together? Do you feel like your group messages and emails are strings of texts like “Oh, no I’m not free Monday – how about Friday? No?” and no one can come to a conclusion on what times work for your group? Doodle is here to help. Doodle is a poll app where you can send one poll requesting a time to meet and see everyone’s responses in the app without the back-and-forth hassle.

App 4: Evernote
Free + paid options
Note takers rise up! If you’re someone who enjoys taking notes digitally, Evernote could be your perfect match. From collecting meeting notes, to new ideas, Evernote is a platform that helps you keep all your thoughts organized in one place. And if you’re someone who enjoys handwriting notes, Evernote has something for you as well. With handwriting analysis technology, you can search the app for a note you wrote weeks ago. And because Evernote syncs, you can access your notes from anywhere!

App 5: Notion
Free + paid options
Notion has been the talk of the town for some time now and for good reason! Notion is a productivity one-stop-shop. Log in to Notion to find your to-do lists, meeting notes, and more. Notion is full of databases, places to collect your thoughts and calendars as well. This platform is ideal not only for your personal use but team use as well!

App 6: Breverie
Free + paid options
Breverie is a brand new personal development app for women, made by a woman. Founder Olena Mytruk is hoping to bridge technology and spirituality, automation and human touch through the platform. Some of our favorite features include monthly personal development and mindfulness challenges, guided journaling, daily monitoring of your feelings and emotions, a habit and routine tracker with an easy to use calendar view to manage progress, goal setting and tracking, and daily motivational and inspirational content to keep you motivated.

However you choose to fuel your productivity, we hope that you found some apps that will help you hit your stride and complete your goals!

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