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5 Ways to Unwind at the End of a Long Day

Busy days can be productive, but they can also leave you feeling stressed. It’s hard going from productivity mode to relaxation mode. Oftentimes when we clock out for the day, we’re still thinking about work, errands or other responsibilities that get in the way of us truly winding down.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is getting into the habit of turning your brain off of work mode and setting aside some time to rest and relax. Thankfully, there are so many habits to adopt in your post-work routine that will surely help you relax after work. If you have been feeling like you just can’t get out of that post-work slump, check out these five ideas that’ll help you relax and unwind.

1. Pat yourself on the back.

You got through the day and accomplished all that you needed to accomplish! Sometimes we can get caught up in all the things we have on our to-do list which leads us to focus too much on what needs to be done and less on what we’ve managed to get done. As you’re clocking out and driving home, think about all the tasks you accomplished and how amazing you are for achieving what you set out to do!

2. Take a breath.

It’s easy to keep focusing on all the other tasks that need attending to, but once work is done, it’s time to relax and give yourself some much deserved rest so you can be ready and eager for the next day. As you get home, give yourself a moment to breathe in and out, calming your mind and your body. You can even go a step further and try meditating to help destress from your long, hectic day and ease into a more tranquil headspace.

3. Move your body.

After spending all day sitting in a chair at your desk, your body might need a little stretch and activity. Exercise, even just a quick walk around the block, has been proven to help clear your mind and destress your body. While exercising, your brain releases endorphins which help elevate your overall mood and health. For an added bonus, bring your furry little pet for a walk with you so you can both get some much needed outdoor exercise.

4. Do some light cleaning and decluttering.

While cleaning and organizing might be the very last thing that you want to do after coming home from a long day of work, having a cluttered living space can lead to higher rates of feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Even a little bit of cleaning is better than nothing and can lead to you feeling less stressed out by your surroundings.

5. Enjoy time to yourself.

Allow yourself to enjoy some personal time to yourself and that can be different for everyone! Whether it’s spending time with friends, reading a good book or relaxing in a warm bubble bath, how you choose to take care of yourself is completely up to you. There’s no right or wrong way to spend time with yourself. As long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters!

The bottom line is: don’t let the stress of the day ruin your nights too. Carrying a load of stress from the office to your home isn’t good for anyone. There are lots of different ways you can unwind after a long day at work, but you should always aim to find ways to destress and recenter yourself. Unwinding at the end of the day will improve your health, clear your head and, most importantly, give yourself some much needed self-care time.


Katalina Elise is a member of the Quotable Magazine editorial team. A senior at NC State University in Raleigh, she’s passionate about baking, spending time with her cat, and writing at her favorite art cafe.

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