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5 Tips For a Perfect Zoom Makeup Routine

Since many of us will be working from home for the foreseeable future, we will be doing business via video. Now that we constantly see ourselves on video all day long, we want to make sure that we look our best on each call! Never fear, because makeup artist Carla Balzano has created an easy makeup routine that is perfect for the busy business professional (hey you!) who is on multiple calls daily. She walks us through the easiest ever makeup routine that you can implement for every zoom or video call you have.

Tip 1: Wear your moisturizer. This is probably the second most important tip in this article. However, it needs to be mentioned first because it is the first step of this easy makeup routine. Great skin is the perfect canvas for makeup, so hydrated, happy skin is the first step!

Tip 2: Stick to what you know. Beauties, while it’s so much fun experimenting with different makeup looks, when you only have a few minutes to get ready before a busy day of Zoom calls, you want to stick to a makeup routine you can easily (and quickly) apply. I like to stick to a natural, polished makeup look.

Tip 3: It’s okay to use your fingers. This is 100% true! In fact, I use my fingers to apply most of my makeup when I only have a few minutes. Make sure you wash your hands first!

Tip 4: Use a few products in multiple ways. Now this may be an advanced piece of information, but it’s very helpful. You don’t need to have hundreds of makeup products to create this easy makeup look, so use what you already have! I like to use my makeup products in multiple ways in my easy makeup look. For example, I use my highlighter, blush, and bronzer on my complexion, and as eye makeup. I sometimes even use my cream blush as a lip color as well! Using the products I already have in multiple ways helps save time. The products compliment each other to create a polished, professional look!

Tip 5: Finish your look with your favorite lip color! I like to top my lip color with gloss for a fun shine!Don’t forget to keep it within reach just in case you need to touch up!

Voila! You have your finished look! You are now ready to take on your super busy day.




CARLA BALZANO is a licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist. She is the Owner of Creative Contour by Carla, where she empowers women to look and feel their absolute best with the perfect makeup look. You can find Carla at or on instagram or facebook.


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