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5 Amazon Finds to Uplevel Your Home Office in 2023

Even though female founders have historically been known for their insane hustle, there has also been an anti-hustle movement brewing in the female entrepreneur community. Women no longer feel the need to girl-boss all of the time, because they don’t have anything to prove. Instead they are showing up strong in their work, their passions, and their life as a whole. They’re proud of time off and self-care because they know how important a cared for leader is for overall success.

While female founders are redefining success, they’re also redefining their work space. As many companies have settled into a remote or hybrid office, this means women are leading from permanent home offices. So here are some Amazon finds to help you uplevel your home office and girl boss a little less this year:

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Adjustable Height Desk

Our first choice is the adjustable height desk. We love this for so many reasons, the main one being its versatility. So whether you’re wanting to stand or jog at your desk, or have a normal seated desk, this desk’s electric lift system makes it easy to adjust the height of your desk on a whim. We also love the sleek style of this desk, which comes in several sizes and colors to fit your aesthetic and accommodate the needs of your work space.

Under Desk Elliptical

Next up is the under desk elliptical because sometimes balance is actually just multitasking. Add something like this under desk elliptical to keep your body moving. It’s a great way to prioritize your fitness while also getting work done. Everyone loves to work smarter and not harder, so consider this a life hack for your home office. This model even comes with a digital display tracker and a mobile app with full on guided workouts you didn’t know you needed.

Desktop Organizer

This desktop organizer is the perfect aesthetic solution for staying organized and on task, because disorganized storage can seriously hold up your productivity. This also comes in 5 different color options so you can choose one that best fits your current office space. Grab a few to get the right amount of shelf space for you, and only put things you need and things you love on display. Spend less time organizing and more time doing things you’re passionate about.

Laptop Monitor Extender

If you love to work from a cafe or are simply tired of bulky monitors, this laptop monitor extender is for you. It can be a challenge to work efficiently with only your smaller laptop screen, so we love this monitor extender as a way to get things done quicker and in a way that’s not taking up a lot of space. What’s even better is that it’s easy to bring with you to your favorite cafe for an office day out of the office!

Sandscape Art Table Desk Top

To add a relaxing element to your work space, we found this Desktop 3-D deep sea moving sand art piece. This also comes in a variety of colors, so whether you prefer warm or cool tones, you have a selection to choose from. This desktop sand art also comes in 2 different sizes so you can choose what fits your space. Adding calming elements to your space can help work feel more enjoyable and eliminate stress.

So when it comes to more productivity and less hustle, the key is to make your space work for you. Whether that’s being active with exercise equipment suitable for a desk setup, staying more organized, simplifying your work setup, or adding calming elements to your space. The important thing to remember is that it is your space. So make it yours! This way you can streamline your productivity and kiss overworking goodbye. Check out the Fighting Back Against Burnout article for more ways to beat hustle culture and to truly live your best entrepreneur life.

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