New year, new me is out. This year, we’re becoming better versions of ourselves – stronger, happier, more confident versions of the awesome people we already were in 2020. Building foundational skills is one of the best ways to become that better version. Being confident is one of those foundational skills

So, we won’t be focusing on New Year’s resolutions, not this year. We’re focusing on how to overcome fears, how to grow in business and life, and overall, how to build confidence in yourself. Here are some tips on how to start: 

List your good feedback

Remember when you received that email of praise from a client? Or, when a bunch of customers on Instagram shared your work to their page? Write that stuff down! There is power in remembering all the times you put out your best work. There is power in re-visiting words of kindness or praise that people have written to you. Confidence builds from that power.

Think back to any awards you’ve earned, testimonials, emails from clients, social media posts, etc. Create a list of these moments and find a safe place to keep them – a place that’s easy for you to go back to when you need a reminder of how awesome you are. Looking at the things people have said about you/to you at the end of every week or at a time when you’re not feeling capable of something, will remind you that you are capable. Use other’s words to lift you up when your own words aren’t cutting it. 

Be prepared 

Is there anything quite like the feeling of being asked a question and KNOWING the answer? You know that you were ready for that question, you have the answer, and you deliver it perfectly. This next tip is a simple one: Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! 

Just as the feeling previously mentioned is one of the best, the opposite of that is probably one of the worst. Whether you’re in a client meeting, a speaking event, or pitching a client – nothing drags down your confidence like being afraid of a question you might not know the answer to. The best way to prevent that overarching dread is to eliminate it. If you go into that event, meeting, or pitch knowing that you did your research, you googled your heart out, you’re prepared for what might be thrown at you – that’s an instant confidence boost. 

When you know that you’ve done all you can to prepare yourself for whatever may come up, you’re choosing to be in control. So, be in control! 


Your words are magic when it comes to your feelings. Decide what being confident means to you – what does it sound like? What does it look like? Use that to inspire a phrase that you can repeat to yourself every day. 

“I am confident.”

“I am growing to become a more confident person.”

“I know that I am a star in my field.” 

“I am ready for this event.”

Look within yourself and decide what you need to hear every day, then tell yourself. Find a time where you can focus on your thoughts, and repeat your affirmation to yourself. This won’t make you feel better overnight, but it is an easy way to incorporate some self-love into your daily life. Reminding yourself of how cool you are, over time, will help you build that confidence. 

Remember why you started

Think back to when you first started to think about creating a business. What did that feel like? The excitement, the anxiety, the desire to make something good for yourself and others. Remember why you decided to throw your ideas out into the world. You were confident in your ability to do something worth it. 

Reignite that spark when you’re dealing with something hard, when you’re feeling like you’re not good enough, like you’re not worth it – you’ve already proved yourself wrong. Take all your thoughts from when you were first starting your business, bottle it up, and save it for when you need a little extra confidence boost. 

The beginning of a new year can sometimes be daunting. You can spend the first few weeks building goals that may fall short later on in the year. Finding ways to incorporate bettering yourself into everyday life is a goal that seems small enough to accomplish but comes with a big pay-off. Maybe you start this year not really sure of yourself and end it with newfound confidence! Who knows what can transpire over the course of a few months. 

These tips really can be implemented into your normal routine, and you can build confidence while working on those other goals you’ve set (and can crush)! 


If you want more details on how to use these tips to build confidence, listen in to our recent podcast episode on the topic!

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