‘3 Steps to Success’ Business Strategy

Speaker, business coach and entrepreneur, Sherese Shy-Homes, aka The Business Doula joined us for this week’s episode. With a master’s degree in business and a history of work with the IRS in tax and auditing, she has perfected a unique approach to creating actionable solutions for her life and business coaching clients. Now she is helping clients learn how to monetize their expertise, build their courses and book high ticket clients on repeat.

In this episode you will hear:

-How she reached her first 10K month
-How branding impacted her business
-Why mindset and strategy are important for success
-Sherese’s 3 step strategy to success
-How to set up your financial calendar

Connect with Sherese:

Web: thebizdoula.com
Facebook: @thebizdoula
Instagram: @thebizdoula
Clubhouse: @thebizdoula

listen to the episode

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