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Plan a Great Galentines Celebration

Chocolates, roses, hearts, candy, romance, love. That’s what most of us think of when we think of Valentine’s Day. However, who said those same things can’t come out of celebrating Galentines Day with your girlfriends! No matter your relationship status, celebrating your female support system at least once a year is important to show your girls that you love and support them, not only before Valentine’s Day, but 365 days of the year. On Feb. 13, whether you decide to host a brunch, gift exchange or wine night, here are three mistakes to avoid while planning for your Galentines celebration:

Using basic invitations

Creative invitations are a must when it comes to planning your celebration. It can be something as inexpensive and cute as a corny valentines card or as extravagant as customized candies to invite them to your event. Make sure to include all your event details as well as the attire for your event. Adding details shows your friends you are going the extra mile to make your event memorable and it never hurts to spoil your friends from time to time to show you care.

Skipping the RSVP

Regardless if you decide to celebrate staying in or out, it is important to make sure you get an accurate headcount of how many ladies will attend your event. You don’t want to be under-prepared and have some of your ladies unable to enjoy the night like others. A simple RSVP can be done through the fun invitations you send out! On your invitations, you can place a QR code on it that will allow your ladies to decide whether they can attend or not through a simple Google Form. Or you can do it the old fashioned way where guests can check yes or no on your invitation and mail it back to you with a response. A simple text to your phone will do as well. It is also important you make some reservations or get your supplies early!

Ditching the favors

Lastly, give a final gift to your ladies on Galentine’s Day. It can be a hard time of the year for some of your single ladies, so a favor will be sure to bring a smile to their face. Best part, this can be as creative as you want it to be. These favors could be anything from a customized candle of their favorite scent to cute matching tote bags. This will leave a memorable mark on your friends and leave your event off on the right foot. Who doesn’t like to give back to their loved one?

A lot goes into event planning, yet it doesn’t have to be hard! These tips can help guide you to make a memorable Galentine’s Day event. Regardless of how you decide to celebrate the day, the most important part of the event is to show love to your girls and have a great time!

Taylor Haydu is a junior public relations major and media advocacy minor at Kent State University. Taylor is a public relations intern this winter and is excited to make new connections while boosting her skills during her time at Quotable Media Co.

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