2024 Visibility Strategy Workshop

Join Quotable Media Co Founder Alessandra on December 14th at 12pm EST for a free workshop about developing your 2024 visibility strategy!

What if you went into the new year with a clear strategy for building your brand, growing your audience every month, and a plan for exactly how to optimize every visibility opportunity you create for yourself? We’ll walk you through how to do it.

In one hour we’ll outline your 2024 Visibility Plan:

  • Nail down what you want to be known for and what your main message will be
  • Determine what platforms you will use to become visible
  • Commit to monthly action to make it happen

Bring your notebook and pen, because this is a workshop, not a webinar– we will go through step by step of creating the strategy on the call so you walk away with a plan ready to be implemented.

Because what if…..

  • You had a clear plan of how to gain visibility for your brand?
  • You had action steps you could cross off (or delegate) each month to ensure you were reaching new, targeted people to consistently build your audience?
  • You were booked out on podcasts, getting in front of hundreds of new potential clients every month?
  • You had an exciting list of partners that were ready to create cross-promotions that light you up?
  • You were featured in quality media articles that were showcasing you as an expert in your field?
  • 2024 is the year your brand grows beyond anything you’ve imagined so far?

Take an hour for yourself and your business this month and sit down to plan out your visibility strategy so you can go into the new year strong!

Join live and get our go-to list of media outlets you can get featured in right away.

If you can’t attend live we will share the recording so you can still go through the steps on your own- but it’s highly recommended to join live if you can!

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