Let's get you known in Boston

For summer 2023, Quotable Media Co is getting back to our roots. Established in 2012 as a Boston restaurant PR firm, Quotable has strong ties in the local media world and a passion for working with small brick & mortar brands that are the bedrock of the Boston community. We are excited to be able to offer a limited number of visibility packages to small, Boston-based brands again this year, and spend a summer giving love to local female founders.

'Get Quotable' Visibility Package

Special for summer 2023!

Having Quotable as your PR partner is like having a media team, marketing strategist, business coach, and strategic consultant all in one. In order to achieve maximum results with visibility you need to have impactful messaging, clear goals, a strong course of action set and decided upon, confidence, and a plan for business success. In 10+ years of doing this with small businesses in Boston and beyond, we have gained the expertise to guide you through this just like we have with tons of other brands in multiple industries. We have the blueprint and tried and true strategies to reach your desired outcomes so we can easily get you there.

ready to make your brand the talk of the city? 
          Yes, you are!

This special package, available only in summer of 2023, is perfect for you, as a local, woman-owned Boston brick & mortar business. Looking to get some buzz to build your local reputation, get more attention to your business, and up your visibility in order to build the right kind of excitement around your brand and get more people through the doors? That's what we'll do for you! But let's say 'with you', because it's more fun when we do it together. But don't worry, we'll be doing all the heavy lifting. We've done this a lot before. 

You deserve the buzz

Boston-based, woman-owned brick & mortar businesses....

Interested in snagging one of these limited spots for July or August? Fill out the info here and book a call. 

brands that make sense for this package:

- 1-2 podcast interviews per month
- 1-2 influencer visits to your location per month
- 2-3 local media mentions (online, print, or TV) total
- An intimate event of your choice: influencer or Quotable event to get people in the door and build excitement 
- Content/marketing consulting to tie everything together

Plus coverage on Quotable channels:
- an article in Quotable Magazine
- an interview on the Quotable Podcast
- a shout out in the Quotable email newsletter

We love making people say "I keep seeing your brand everywhere!" It's not a coincidence. That's the buzz we intentionally create. 

Included in this special package:

what you get

Shops, restaurants/bars, artists, makers, products, food brands, service providers (beauty, health etc), and more!

This package includes a two-pronged approach to create ultimate buzz among women in Boston.

#1 is our PR connections with the wider Boston media and influencer community to amplify your message exponentially through earned media opportunities. 

#2 is our Quotable-owned channels, where you get access to our entire audience of women leaders through Quotable Magazine, the Quotable Podcast, and our overall network. 

There are 2 spots for July and 2 spots for August.

4 months for $2,000 per month


starting July 15 or August 1

- Christine McMackin, New England Skin Center

“Quotable has elevated our brand to a level we would have never been able to do without their consistent dedication to our growth and exposure. Working with Alessandra is like working with your best girlfriend, she just gets us."

client love