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A Go-To Guide for Amazon-Selling Success with Ashley Kinkead

Join Amazon expert Ashley Kinkead on a journey of finding

and fine-tuning the perfect product to start a profitable e-commerce business, where she challenges aspiring entrepreneurs to take action and change the market on Amazon.

In 2015, Ashley Kinkead was a burned-out corporate worker, juggling multiple jobs and feeling underpaid. She was determined to find a way out of her nine-to-five rut, and that’s when she stumbled upon the world of selling on Amazon. Intrigued by the possibilities, Ashley immersed herself in the online marketplace, learning from those who had built successful businesses through Amazon. Soon enough, she started her own brand, focusing on bath bombs as her niche product. Over time, her determination, perseverance, and ability to spot opportunities for growth led her to build a seven-figure business, with her products reaching thousands of customers. Today, Ashley shares her knowledge and passion for e-commerce with aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them follow in her footsteps and find their own success on Amazon.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Unlock the formula for building a lucrative Amazon enterprise.
  • Hone your skills at identifying niches and choosing the right products.
  • Learn to overcome challenges in Amazon business, such as failure and branding.
  • Gain insights on building a powerhouse team and attracting top talent.

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